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Hello everybody, I am a high school senior student and I am working on an experiment that involves slime moulds. This lab report is very crucial for my graduation, so I really want do this well.

My original idea was to find out how the maturity of the slime mould would affect its chemotaxis and phototaxis, by putting them in a maze. However, I realised that this experiment is too time-consuming and hard to do. Therefore, I have to think of a new experiment idea.

I was thinking about investigating how does temperature affect the growth of slime moulds (the surface area of the slime) or movement of plasmodia (in which I will be looking the time used for reaching the chemical stimulus). But I'm unsure whether these are good investigation ideas.

Would anyone of you here have some better experiment ideas? Preferably some experiments that could let me obtain quantitative data.

Any type of feedback would be highly appreciated! :)

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Hi Kwan,Let's imagine.You put a silme in a petri box large enough to put under the floor of the box 2 Pelletier module, one cold and one hot with eating on the Pelletier and between them.If heat do have any effect upon growth you should see some kind of favorite... reversing current will change hot and cold and make favorite change too i think...
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