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So it seems lots of people want to start experimenting!

You can buy Physarum culture kits and specimens from educational/biological suppliers.

I know of (and have used) the following:

US: Carolina Biological

UK: Sciento

If you know of suppliers in other parts of the world, please add them below...

Just found these online (not used before):


The kits often come with instructions for experiments, but you can also find these online, for example:

Happy experimenting! And please share your results on slimoco...


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For more info on the Badhamia experiments I suggest you could probe Bjørli Lehrmann ( ) who lives near Copenhagen. She has conducted some experiments with Badhamia and came to the conclusion (I think) that they were somewhat comparable but made different decisions and that the Badhamia didn't hesitate to cross its own tracks. Here's one of a few time lapse videos I'm aware of she has made. Food is oat and pieces of bark.


Many thanks for the info Niels.

I see what you mean, it is definitely comparable in colour, form, growth behaviour, but does tend to migrate differently and movement has a different 'character'. I may drop her an email - looking at this other video she clearly has a creative streak too!

Do you know any supplier in Korea?

Is there anyone in the UK able to send me any Slimemould samples. As a student it is a little too expensive for me to buy it online. I would be extremely grateful. If not is there anywhere in the UK woodlands to harvest any? I know they are quite difficult to come by. Many Thanks, Jasmin.

I need to raise some more up ( will take a week or so ) but I sent out physarum free of charge.

That is brilliant! Thank you very much. :) I shall message you my details. 

Hi there, i'm looking to source some samples and grow some Physarum over the next few weeks, i'm based in Bristol UK, any help or someone with a contact would be greatly appreciated.



Is anyone currently working with Physarum and willing to send me a sample? Shipping costs would be on me of course.
I would be extremely grateful and so would my students be!
They are very keen on having their class pet and we'd love to experiment with it.

Hi there,

does anyone in Portugal or any surrounding areas posses spare spores or any kind of sample of physarum? Or is there anybody who could ship it inside Europe (I'll cover all the costs of course!)
It's pretty hard to find it in here and I'm so keen on starting some moldy experiments I barely can wait!

Thanks in advance :)


Is there anyone in the Canada who can kindly send me Slime mould cells ? 

Hello I am from Chile in South America and i really want to experiment with slime, looking for integrate this knowledge with education and learning how this can influence in the territory which I live. 

So, it's there anyone who can send me Slime Mould cells? i would really aprecciate it.

Thank you!!!!


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