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So it seems lots of people want to start experimenting!

You can buy Physarum culture kits and specimens from educational/biological suppliers.

I know of (and have used) the following:

US: Carolina Biological

UK: Sciento

If you know of suppliers in other parts of the world, please add them below...

Just found these online (not used before):


The kits often come with instructions for experiments, but you can also find these online, for example:

Happy experimenting! And please share your results on slimoco...


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Hey, the UK supplier no longer stocks it. I just brought some from

Ordered over the phone, very friendly staff - cost £28 delivered. 

I'm a university student in the UK and I am looking for a small inactive sample of physarum. Can anyone help?

Hello ! I am student from Poland. I would start doing my little research. Can you recommend me a source to start a breeding of Physarum ? Thanks Karol


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