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So it seems lots of people want to start experimenting!

You can buy Physarum culture kits and specimens from educational/biological suppliers.

I know of (and have used) the following:

US: Carolina Biological

UK: Sciento

If you know of suppliers in other parts of the world, please add them below...

Just found these online (not used before):


The kits often come with instructions for experiments, but you can also find these online, for example:

Happy experimenting! And please share your results on slimoco...


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Hi all,

Sciento does not sell slime mould anymore. So am trying Blade Biological which looks perfect.

Just finding out which of their 3 products is best to buy and will post this online. happy slimemould adventures

Hi, so two questions.

1. Supplier in France?

2. Natural occurring ones that I could find in and around my city?


Peut-être pourrais tu essayer d'en demander a Audrey DUSSAUTOUR :

(moi elle ne m'a pas répondu...)



I am from Iran, I dont have any access to online stores in other countries!

Is there any way I can acquire some slime mould?

Hi there, I'm new the collective and keen to experiment with making my own slime mold. The Sciento link above doesn't work. I'm UK-based and would like to find out where to get a culture kit.

I'd also be interested in a discursive collaborative process of growing the molds if anyone is London-based. My own interest stems from wanting to explore and open up definitions of what 'intelligence' means.

Thank you!

Hi Dominique,

Perhaps should you ask ian  :

he is in UK and may help you ...

hey Guys!

dutch student here wondering how to source physarium, i know you can buy some from blades bio.

but since this company is located in the uk i'm a bit worried about it not arriving on time (before it dies)

and shipping a biological product into the eu (brexit and all of that fun stuff)

(i also find it quite expensive if im not sure its gonna arrive healthy)

does anyone know a dutch or maybe german or belgian or just eu supplier in general whom I could check out?

many thanks in advance!!

Hello! Does anyone know of a supplier in the Netherlands? 


Perhaps should you ask ian  :

he is in UK and may help you ...


I live in the Netherlands and would like to get my hands on some slime mould. But until now I'm not able to find it. Is there someone who can send me some? I would happily pay for any costs...

Thanks in advance!

Hey, the UK supplier no longer stocks it. I just brought some from

Ordered over the phone, very friendly staff - cost £28 delivered. 


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