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So it seems lots of people want to start experimenting!

You can buy Physarum culture kits and specimens from educational/biological suppliers.

I know of (and have used) the following:

US: Carolina Biological

UK: Sciento

If you know of suppliers in other parts of the world, please add them below...

Just found these online (not used before):


The kits often come with instructions for experiments, but you can also find these online, for example:

Happy experimenting! And please share your results on slimoco...


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I'm a university student in the UK and I am looking for a small inactive sample of physarum. Can anyone help?

Hello ! I am student from Poland. I would start doing my little research. Can you recommend me a source to start a breeding of Physarum ? Thanks Karol

Related to this discussion. I am trying to get hold of structurally coloured slime moulds (ie other species from the usual). There are a lot of these *but* they are not easy to grow (in fact many probably can't be). These have beautiful colouration of the peridium that is caused by optical effects probably quite distinct from pigments. See FREX the blog of Sarah Lloyd in Tasmania (who was nice enough to give us some preserved samples years ago). The purpose is to study the colour but I really want species that can be grown. Anyone know anything...?



Utrecht, NL

Any suppliers in Mexico ?


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