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I've been literally up to y knees in petri dishes for the last four weeks - round three of breeding kicked off with my highly inbred line so I've been picking tiny pieces of slime out agar and moving them to their own dishes. Checking and feeding over a hundred dishes takes about three hours a day - until I've got viable sclerotia I have to keep a wet one on the go

 Newly formed plasmodium on a scuff in the agar

Same slime a week later crossing from its first oat to a new block of agar 

Sucessive layers of agar then paper leading the slime away from its birthplace 

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Hahaha the slimery. Do you have a room dedicated to slime? 

Um, yeah doesn't everyone?

I have hundreds of cultures on the go at some points so my study is shelves of petri dishes, bioassay plates and tea trays of slime moulds, couple of microscopes, time lapse booth... About 2/3 the room is culture kit!


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