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hi there . 

i·m new here and i·m excited to join this community . 

at some point i would love 

to get a sample of physerum polycephalum . 

i figure though 

first i·ll offer some stories as trade . 

over the past five years 

i got increasingly into studying molds , fungi , and lichens . 

i made some avant garde technologies 

involving bio-chips , terraria , and a giant glass tank filled with all manner of things , which i one day ran a 6V lantern battery through and dubbed The Bioreactor . 

the experiment got so famous that

Magic: the Gathering made a card about it ,

The Reality Chip . 

part of the experiment

involved an electrical chip

made of chia gel , graphite , and lichen 

hooked up to a 9V portable battery . 

i had set up the terrarium such that 

there was an old SD Card buried in the sand . 

slime mold connected the bio-chip to the card 

which , 

ostensibly , 

could have allowed it 

to randomly access or burn in packets of 

what would have appeared as digital noise . 


here·s the terrarium

and here·s The Reality Chip 

note the round AI node in the top left corner , 

the blue scintillation is glass dust in sand , 

the Bio-Chip and SD Card at the bottom , 

with ever-so-fine tendrils seeking out , 

and two staring giants in the background , 

going , 

"Did it? Did it though?" 

i just moved into a new apartment 

in a new city 

and i·ve already got

some promising glass tanks 

with which to start 

a whole town of experiments . 

i·m super excited . 

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Cool! Did you know you can steer them around with 5v dc? Pm me and I'll get some slimes on the way 

i·m super excited .

do you have any recommendations on fun tests to run ka .
i·ve got a solid tank now , and i even found the legs to a table . right now i·m just waiting for cheque day so i can go to the hardware store and start building .
Well , i·ve finished building the table to hold the terarrium . There·s a big glass tank on top of a coffee table with two large plastic pallets as its surface .

How do i post pictures in the forum ? . On my previous post i could post pictures tho there doesn·t seem to still be an attach button? .
ooh i think i got one Ha

it·s white and only a little bit furry and it fans like physerum does
friendly reminder to all those INT crews out there that you could in fact just politely ask on this forum right here
i·ve got a lot of cultures on the go now

· Green Lichen
· Green Moss
· White Slimemold
· Pink Slimemold
· White Sporemold

are the main ones
and they·ve formed into this
complex pelt of biomatr
that coats any arable biomass in the terrarium

right now i·m still culturing the bedrock

it·ll be awhile before the whole thing is up and running
i·m super excited
i·m going to the forest next week with a friend
i can·t wait to take lots of samples
Hco Bioreactor © KWinter 2018 et prior
there is definitely a minimum of one (1) slime in that container . damn thing·s crept halfway up the inside of the glass case . how does a slime climb glass ka . some scientists say ,
whoa . beeg slime is beeg . it·s growing right on the front of the container .
exhaling O2
inside the Terrarium
the foliose burns


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