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An international network of/for intelligent organisms

Dear slimoco members,

I started slimoco around ten years ago when I began experimenting with slime mould. I was curious to see who else was working with this fascinating organism, what kind of questions they were exploring and what methods they were using to ask these questions. I wanted the network to be open to all disciplines and lines of enquiry – a place where people could share knowledge, trade tips and foster collaborations… an international network of/for intelligent organisms.

Since then we have gathered well over a thousand members from across the globe, an eclectic group of people including: high school kids wanting help with a biology project; teachers sharing ideas for classroom experiments; scientists who’ve devoted a large part of their career to studying myxomycetes; designers, computer scientists and artists working with the slime mould as material and model; and philosophers exploring the metaphorical learning to be gained from understanding how the slime mould operates.


When I originally set up the ning network it was free and, initially when they started charging, I was able to offset the cost against grant funding. Unfortunately I’m no longer in that position and am now appealing to you, the slimoco membership, to collectively help keep the network going. It’s not a huge amount (around $240 a year) so if everyone could contribute just one dollar/euro/pound we could share the cost for a few years.


I’ve set up a Paypal pool to collect funds to continue the slimoco network.
Please contribute what you can at:


Please help support and nurture this great network of curious people with a common curious interest. And many thanks for all your contributions to The Slime Mould Collective over the years, for the hundreds of photos, videos, posts and discussions… long may slime mould curiosity continue to creep around the world.


All best,



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Huge thank you to everyone who has contributed so far to keep going. 

Over the past 2 days many of you have chipped in to help cover the cost of the network site. We are already over half way to covering this year's payment of $240/£200. If any other members can contribute a small amount that will really help share the load. Please contribute what you can at:

I really appreciate the collective effort and how much you value this little enclave of shared interest. Thanks! :)

I'm not the most active of people on social media ( I last looked at Facebook several months ago ) but I do appreciate the value of Slimoco as a resource so I'm chipping in and thank you for all the work you've done in setting up these forums

Thanks Ian! I'm so impressed with the response to my call out. In only 2 days we have enough to cover this year's fee. Anything else that comes in I'll put towards next years. Long may the slime shares continue...


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