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I'm working now on a research on the Physarum where we examine its growth as an effect of periodic lighting. The only problem is now, that we have a reasonably good webcam (logitech pro 9000), but that when we use a time-lapse program with it, it is horribly pixelated. Does anyone know a time-lapse program that has also a good resolution?? As you can deduct from the video below, we could really use it!

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I use LRTimelapse - it's not cheap to buy but can handle high resolution and you can download a trial version to test out.

Bit late replying but I use Hitfilm - aint cheap though but I can process full res SLR images and crop in or scale to get the final resolution which means you can have a moving frame. Windows movie maker actually does a half decent job too. If you can send me a stack of images I'd happily process them for you. Another option might be Virtual Dub

I don't have any video to post, but the picam is amazing for this-- really high resolution and about$35 for the full kit on  And, the timelapse software to drive it is opensource.

Candylab's Video Velocity works for me, cheap, HD (if your cam supports it), and detailed options to fine-tune your settings.

Hitfilm now do an express version which is free and does the job. 

I've been trying to find an android time lapse app that will use the flash,  so far no luck,  most of them do a very good job of you've got  the lights on though


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