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I've recently got hold of the two other strains of physarum - one originating in Japan and the other in Australia. With Mazie - my home bred slime and the Carolina biologicals strain that gives me enough individuals to start properly comparing how they behave.

There's just one snag - I've been exlcusively growing Mazie for the last few years and it turns out my sclerotia of Carolina are no longer viable.

So um, can anyone spare me a piece of Carolina?



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Hi Ian, I've got some sclerotia from a Carolina sourced Physarum, hand dried in recent months so should be viable.

happy to send. you've been the Physarum Santa for a long time!!

message me your address and I'll pop something in the post tomorrow.



And if you've got any spare from your other strains, I have some comparative tests I'd like to try...


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