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Two cameras, and four days of shooting at 20 second intervals leads to an awful lot disc space taken up. So far I've just done a rough render - take the whole damned lot and turn it into one movie file. Now I can see the massive deficiency in using the study rather than the workshop for shooting - every time I tread on a floorboard the camera moves. 

Easy to fix by tracking a couple of points in the images but tedious and slow. 

The huge advantage of using something like an SLR to shoot time lapse is the frames are around 5000 pixels across, HS is just 1920x1080 so I have a choice of scaling the image to fit or zooming in on one spot and having the freedom to pan around within the shot.

I've about 20 mins of footage. I need to do something more interesting that just a video of physarum but I shall put up a preview soon

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