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So I have never been allergic to anything in my life but as soon as my slime mold came in the mail and I’ve been working with it I’ve started to have allergy symptoms? I know that it might be unrelated and I could have just developed seasonal allergies or something but it’s weird. I was wondering if any of you have had allergic reactions to slime mold before? Should I be considering this as a reason for my reaction or should I look elsewhere?

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Can you describe your symptoms? I'm not a doctor, but as an allergy sufferer perhaps I can help you out.

Hi! I have read that the spores of slime mould can cause allergies. Have your slime mould been producing spores? If they have, it will probably help if you do not keep the spores inside or just stop your slime mould from producing spores. 

Spores actually seem likely. But they just came in the mail? I don't think slime molds come with spores ... was this a shipment of spores?

I've found one paper ( ) saying they haven't been studied but should be and no actual reports of allergy but it's totally possible. Except - if you've got sclerotia ( dried yellow stuff ) there are no spores present - the spores occur in small fungus like fruiting bodies. Totally possible to be allergic to the plasmodia as well - but again no records, you'd be more likely to show a skin reaction than anything respiratory - a wet growing slime isn't a source of aerosol. 

I'd be inclined to look elsewhere but keep a suspicious eye on your slime, you could look for a pattern by avoiding it for a couple of days then going back to it ( don't eat it, rub it into your eyes or use it as skin cream though)..

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