The Slime Mould Collective

An international network of/for intelligent organisms

I’m keen to activate the network more and want to hear your thoughts.

I’ve always wanted The Slime Mould Collective to be self-organizing and low maintenance (as any slime mould network should be), but I’m aware that a network feeds on activity and that we all need a little encouragement now and again. Up to now I have purposefully kept it separate from other social networks (though there is of course a sister slimoco on facebook), but I am keen to know how others would like to see slimoco develop in future...

Maybe you’d like to guest blog on the site, conduct an online experiment or see slimoco connect more to other social media networks for ease of sharing across platforms.

We have over a thousand members, a fantastically eclectic group of slime mould researchers and enthusiasts. It is a rich resource. 

Please share your thoughts and ideas on how to make the most of it... 

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A thousand members = 100 people visiting, 10 people commenting and only one or two creating content. 

I think it is fine. There is some people I know who are working with slime who have not posted anything here, which is a shame.

i don't know, i just got here and i've always felt that slime molds are a really underappreciated group of organisms... more people deserve to know about these little guys and what they're capable of!

i don't know if that means jumping to connecting with other forms of social media in an earnest sense, but it might not be a bad idea to try and spread the word elsewhere just a bit... leaving a post or two here and there. a few extra members might breathe some new life in without changing any of the underlying structure.

i understand my opinions might not be shared by everyone, though! i'm certainly glad to browse what exists so far.

Social media? Get thee behind me! I tried it and drifted away, in principle I have a Fb account but I haven't logged in for several months - I guess I just don't understand the appeal, unlike myxomycetes which I do find appealing. Here's a thought, can we model social media misinformation spread using physarum?


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