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Thank you all very much for your support. I was just wondering how to connect different platforms of agar. For example, if a person uses a bottle cap to cut out two cylinders of agar, how would they connect them side by side? Maybe by using liquid agar as an adhesive? Or by resting them against each other?


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Setting them side by side should be fine, slime likes to wander.

"Slime likes to wander" now there's a moto! It'll bridge quite a gap (5mm) if it's really desperate for food, the rips, tears and breaks in my mazes get ignored. I wonder if it can sense them or not 

Interesting, I will have to keep that in mind when setting up any experiments (so that it doesn't cross any gaps it shouldn't). It would be interesting to see what the maximum size of a bridgable gap is?

I bet that depends on biomass - just how much material it's got to pile up - in the escape video it's heaping up a good 5cm. Using something it can 'smell' like valerian ( herbal sleep aid pills) might be a route to go down for that I suppose it depends on how wide/thick the slime mold can become before its surface area to volume ratio gets too low.


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