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I've not done anything with slime moulds for a while but today decided to take Daywalker out for a run in a simulated wild environment.  This is the starting point; a supermarket mushroom container with various woodland goodies, rotting pear and apple with fungus, compost and a squirt of fermenting seaweed-based fertiliser.  

There's a pinch of oats in there with the spores to give Daywalker a good breakfast when it wakes up, and the container will be covered with clingfilm to retain moisture and hopefully thwart any escape attempts. 

If this works (i.e. Daywalker gives the environment a good going over) I'll do another one with a time-lapse camera running. 

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what happened?

Hairy fungi took over and it all went a bit rancid. 

Not a great success.


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