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ID request: Wild slime mold I've been keeping my eye on finally made spores!

So I had posted pictures several months ago to see if somebody could identify the species and was told that pictures of the spores/fruit bodies/reproductive cycle (something like that) were needed for proper identification.

Can't tell you how happy I was to finally see it forming spores. Hope someone can help me out

Sorry about picture quality. They are just yellow dots forming along a straight yellow line. They have always been observed growing on the bark of fallen trees, and were recently seen devouring what I think was an orange crust fungi!!

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Oh and as far as cultivation goes: Would it be a good idea to collect any of the spores?

Don't apologize, I found it very helpful. My cultivation results have been a tad lacking so I'm glad to hear a new method. Especially one that uses agar. The note about starving it to get it to form plasmodium was interesting as well.

I do have a quality microscope though, I'll have to get back on this after I deal with the mountain of fungi I found today.

It seems to be very similar to the species everybody on here grows. But I think it is different. It'll sure be nice to finally know for sure.

Bump. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I don't think its Physarum polycephalum...

Grab spores! there are a couple of online photo ID sites and I've got a paper on the subject - but they're in the lab and I'm not :(

I tried but they had dried before I got back to them. I do have it growing on coffee filters/oats in my house right now though.

I'll have to look up those ID sites...if you do happen to locate that paper I'd be grateful to you


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