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Hey all,

I know that it could solve maze, remember the food location, and even predict periodicity of environment. Are there any more (surprising) discoveries on the intelligent ability?



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Hi Gus,

Yes indeed. See "une intelligence sans cervelle" (clever without a brain) :

I don't know if there is equivalent in English. Ian do you ?

Best regards,


Hi François-Joseph,

Thank you so much! The last part is absolutely amazing. I was wondering if you know the "food pellet" at around 11:41 of the video? Where can I buy them?

Best regards,


These ones have been made for experiment by scientist of the lab. The best "food pellet" ready-to-use you can buy are oats Flakes I bet.

But Look at Ian's page and you will read a fine method to make your own "pellets" from oats...

Best regards.


I don't know if this video is the same level than french one (I did not read it) :

Hello Gus,

At first your question was so classical that I did not pay really attention to the scientific facts.
As you certainly knows, the facts are stubborn.

And finally some of my thought get out the underlayer and came up to light...

As one can see here on picture :

the food placed on the cities drives the blob to draw the "best path" for railway...

This is very fast in conclude !

The railway first was designed through forest mountains and lands and there was NO CITIES on the path (or nearly none)... The cities came and grow up on the rail (as proteins do on neurons in Alzheimer's disease) not the reverse.

So, conclude that the blob can define the best way for a pattern is non sense.

Second observation about the journalist that try to solve a maze and miss some direction, hesitate etc...

The BLOB DO TOO ! The blob just fill everywhere it can as a GAZ could do, then retracts by resetting non fooding paths.

THIS IS NOT CLEAVER behavior nor intelligence, any computer can easily fill a graph with every possible path between any accessible nodes (like dead ends, turns or crossing in a maze...) and then kill unproductive paths. Do you remember the NOKIA "SNAKE" game ? A computer can drive a line in a maze and test the colour, and resorb it's path when encountering a snake or a wall...

BLOB is thus not as cleaver it can be presented by amazing papers that need financial supports I'm afraid...

Best regards,



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