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One of my cultures sporulated without me knowing it ... three things

1) How can I preserve the spores?

2) Will the culture continue to grow after this?

3) How can I prevent future cultures from doing this?

Thanks - please respond quickly

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Let them dry out, they'll be dormant for a few weeks, but then you can hatch them if you like. Refrigerating them may be a good idea, so long as you keep them cool and dry they could last quite a while, years perhaps.

I believe it's done with its life cycle.

Keep them in the dark with plenty of food and moisture.


Your cultures is doomed - unless some part of it is still yellow and crawling it's well dead. As Evan's said the spores are dormant - takes around 3 weeks of being dry for them to activate. It's light exposure - once a plasmodium is more than a few days old exposure to light triggers sporulation. 

Fridge is a good plan for storing.

Check later and I'll have guide to getting from spores to plasmodium - got a pressing bit of lab work to do first 

Thanks! For some reason, it doesn't look like it is quite dead yet so we shall see...

I might consider hatching the spores but that can wait.


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