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I started to produce slime from the filter paper. Currently, slime molds are alive but they do not grow by making connections. As they can be seen in the photo, they spread in a spot-like way and do not leave their own tracks. I had never experienced such a problem while producing live from filter paper before. Is there any idea about the cause of the problem?

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It doesn't look like they've grown at all, the oats don't appear to be colonised. How are you transferring them, to the agar?



Hi Ian,

 Because the oats in the previous petri dish were contaminated, I transferred one of the oats with the physarum (left side in the photo) to a new petri dish. In the next process, as seen in the photograph, it is seen that the living organism is in the oat which is in the middle and right of the petri dish. I can say that the organism is growing because it goes to new oats, but as you say, they are not colonized. Thank you...

If you've a weak or contaminated sample, it's worth putting a fresh oat right next to one that's colonised. Is your agar just plain agar with no nutrients? - physarum tends to stay put on nutrient agar



As the contamination rate was very high, I had to transfer it to another petri dish. But in the previous petri dish too, the physarum was not colonized. The agar I use contains nutrients. In fact, I've been working with slime moulds for 1.5 years, but for the first time this happened to me.

I just wrote wrong. The agar that i use is non- nutrient agar. In the literature, it is reported that slime mold have metabolic depression on nutrient agar. I have never used nutrient agar for a period of 1.5 years...



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