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I should have done this ages ago. Daywalker doesn't make spores when exposed to day light. We know physarum requires daylight exposure to spore so - 

Is Daywalker actually 'blind' or is something else faulty 

I ran out a culture onto fresh sugar ( construction ) paper, part covered it and hit it with a spotlamp

Five minutes and it's shifting. half an hour and it's all hiding. Daywalker can 'see'. 

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Nice! Good to know!

Makes me think I need to come up with some sort of photophobia measuring system

Wow, yeah you should!

Any suggestions? - accurate measurement of light isn't practical. Set of ND filters and  a lamp though....

I would recommend a BH1750 sensor and an Arduino. You can make a cheap lux meter from those.

Hello everyone, 

Does anyone have any information on the day walker. Where is he from, nature or laboratory ?
If laboratory, which one?

If there is already a post on this subject, please let me know.

Very good day :-)


Daywalker was bred by me in my early days of raising from spores. The parent strain (X3) came out of the discard dish - I plate out left over spores just in case.

The strains in the discard were spores from the Southern biologicals standard strain from Australia -'A' in my noted, Mazie - a selfed strain derived from the Carolina strain and the Nakagaki lab strain ( via the Dusstour lab). So X3 could be from any two of those or just one of them.

Daywalker was just selfed from X3 spores. I have a strong suspicion that the Nakagaki strain carries the defective sporulation gene as it's popping up in subsequent breeding runs.


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