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I should have done this ages ago. Daywalker doesn't make spores when exposed to day light. We know physarum requires daylight exposure to spore so - 

Is Daywalker actually 'blind' or is something else faulty 

I ran out a culture onto fresh sugar ( construction ) paper, part covered it and hit it with a spotlamp

Five minutes and it's shifting. half an hour and it's all hiding. Daywalker can 'see'. 

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Nice! Good to know!

Makes me think I need to come up with some sort of photophobia measuring system

Wow, yeah you should!

Any suggestions? - accurate measurement of light isn't practical. Set of ND filters and  a lamp though....

I would recommend a BH1750 sensor and an Arduino. You can make a cheap lux meter from those.

Hello everyone, 

Does anyone have any information on the day walker. Where is he from, nature or laboratory ?
If laboratory, which one?

If there is already a post on this subject, please let me know.

Very good day :-)


Daywalker was bred by me in my early days of raising from spores. The parent strain (X3) came out of the discard dish - I plate out left over spores just in case.

The strains in the discard were spores from the Southern biologicals standard strain from Australia -'A' in my noted, Mazie - a selfed strain derived from the Carolina strain and the Nakagaki lab strain ( via the Dusstour lab). So X3 could be from any two of those or just one of them.

Daywalker was just selfed from X3 spores. I have a strong suspicion that the Nakagaki strain carries the defective sporulation gene as it's popping up in subsequent breeding runs.

oh that's a pity.

A lab friendly yellow slime that tolerates light would make experiments easier.
one that dislikes light but ALSO refuses to spore is the opposite of helpful.

If the illumination's more or less even it behaves - it needs a gradient to follow so I've done mazes and maps like this - and run full sclerotia preps - it doubles my capacity because I usually two trays per slime - one on top to keep the light out, 


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